Non Destructive Excavation

Non Destructive Excavation Solutions

Have you been looking for a non destructive excavation alternative to prevent damage on the job? Blade Engineering strives to create a league of our own in quality and functionality of industrial machinery. The existing products used by tradesman were often sourced from overseas, lacking the structural integrity of a purpose-built product. As a result, Blade Engineering designed & built a range of heavy duty machinery to assist tradesmen in maximising efficiency, while retaining optimal safety. We’ve had excellent feedback from our nationally-spread clients. Every component of our equipment is industry specific and designed in consideration of modern trends and developments. Our small, collaborative team of 20 demonstrate passion and dedication towards every project we undertake. If you’re seeking reliable machinery to take on complex, large-scale jobs, contact us today to discuss our broad range of designs—from non destructive excavation equipment, to vacuum trucks & more.

non destructive excavation

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavators are an environmentally friendly, non destructive excavation alternative. When operating a traditional excavator, you face the risk of causing damage to mains power, fibre optic lines, sewage and other utility installations. Consequently, this causes major inconveniences to the public while generating unwanted expenses. Hydro excavators produce a high-pressure water spray breaking down tough elements such as mud, clay and grass without the risk of causing outages or damage. This method is most frequently used for confined digging, utility service repairs, trenching and debris removal. The excavators also include a vacuum component to suck up the broken compounds; enabling the tidy and safe completion of every project. We offer a selection of tank sizes which can hold anywhere between 1,500 to 3,000 litres of water. Chat to a member of our team today to see how we can design a product which best suits your non destructive excavation needs!

Our Service Guarantee

Fabrication of our non destructive excavation units—hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and painting— is conducted in-house, allowing us to oversee the quality control. Additionally, we use modern engineering tools such as 3D modelling and stress (FEA) analysis to measure practicality and durability before commencing with the build. Our team are fully qualified to design, engineer and build heavy-duty equipment and machinery. Managing Director of the business, Ian, has created his business upon the foundation of affordability and high-quality. Despite having entered the field during an uncertain economic climate, Ian is proud of the standards him and his team have set, with an excellent reception from clients. We aim to deliver outstanding customer service to complement our products. If you have any queries throughout the development process, be sure to contact the team! With custom-builds that boast premium Australian quality, there’s no better place to source your non destructive excavation machinery.

In summary, if you’re after any machinery for your workplace or business, be sure to contact us for a consultation.  We can design a product which addresses all of your practice needs. Blade Engineering aims to provide Australian’s with the absolute best alternatives when it comes to quality and price. As a result, you can rest-assured knowing that your non-destructive excavation equipment is the best value for money.

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