Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation Units

Blade Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of customised transport equipment, including hydro excavation units. As a non-intrusive process, hydro excavation sprays high pressure water onto surfaces to break apart any impurities, such as dirt, mud or clay. Where traditional excavation methods come with greater risk when working in close proximity to sewage systems, and mains power, telecommunication & fibre optic lines, hydro excavation gives industries the ability to work around these obstacles without the potential for damage. We can engineer hydro excavation units with spoils tanks between 2,000 and 12,000 litres in capacity, and a water supply between 1,500 and 3,000 litres. Whatever the scale of your business and requirements, we can design and construct an ideal hydro excavation system for you. We can also manufacture vacuum trucks and drain jetting units, as well as complete general engineering projects!

hydro excavation

The Blade Engineering Difference

With nearly 5 decades of experience, Blade Engineering’s Managing Director, Ian Totty, has managed several reputable transport equipment manufacturing businesses, with each specialising in hydro excavation engineering. Ian has rapidly grown Blade Engineering to become one of the most trusted names in transport equipment engineering in Australia, and while they aim to offer the highest quality products at an affordable price, what they truly pride themselves on is their willingness to design and build a product to meet the specific needs of the customer; a characteristic that is hard to find in the industry today. This supports their claims of offering a personalised service, with each project manufactured as per the exact needs of the business. With more transport equipment from overseas becoming available, there is more to choose from in terms of budget, but there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to quality of manufacturing and materials used.

Our Service Guarantee

As a proudly South Australian owned and operated company, Blade Engineering manufacture every one of their hydro excavation units right here in Adelaide, and where possible, utilise components that are made within Australia. All of our products are certified in accordance with the requirements set out in relative Australian Standards, Australian Design Rules (ADRs), or specific product related regulations. Upon project completion, we will test and train you and your employees in how to use the hydro excavation system, including any safety measures necessary to operate the equipment. If at any time after handover you have specific questions, you should never hesitate to ask! In the event that your product experiences a minor mechanical issue, we will engage and reimburse a reputable engineering company within close proximity to complete repairs. For more major problems, we will happily fly out to your site to assess the issue and make all necessary repairs for you then and there.

We are experts in designing and manufacturing hydro excavation units for a wide range of industries. No matter what your needs, we can help.

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