Drain Jetting

Blade Engineering are the Drain Jetting Experts

Blade Engineering are becoming a household name in the Australian industrial transport equipment industry, particularly for their drain jetting. Additionally, they also specialise in producing customised vacuum trucks, hydro excavation and general engineering. We aim to provide the highest level of customer service. This is matched with the ultimate quality at an affordable price. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the exact needs of each customer. This is based on their industry and product & capacity requirements. Consequently, we hope to give our clients peace of mind knowing that the product they receive will do exactly what it is intended to do. While there is a range of equipment being imported from overseas, their price tag unfortunately reflects the lesser quality. As a result, business owners are often left with a piece of equipment that may not fulfil their specific requirements.

Drain Jetting

Our Drain Jetting Manufacturing

Drain jetting involves the use of a stream of high pressure water to clear out and clean drains. It can be suitable for jobs of all capacities, from small domestic jobs to heavy duty industrial work. We design and manufacture high pressure jetting and drain cleaning units for large scale jobs. These are equipped with stainless steel tanks with 3000, 6000 and 10000 litre capacities available. Fitted with a premium high-pressure water pump, our jetting system is designed and constructed right here in SA. In addition, we provided interstate clients with drain jetting solutions. This is because those living interstate simply cannot find a quality to match closer to home. Our high-performance units are manufactured using Australian materials. All applicable equipment certified in accordance with stringent Australian standards. Blade Engineering will always certify our high standards and safety considerations upon project completion.

Drain Jetting | Our Process

Managing Director, Ian Totty, boasts 45 years of industry experience. In this time, he has managed successful local manufacturing businesses specialising in drain jetting engineering. He has built his team around his philosophy of providing the ultimate quality of custom engineered products to meet the needs of clients. In addition, we can also modify and refurbish existing units. As a result, this makes them look as good as new for just a fraction of the cost of replacement. Furthermore, if you experience a minor issue with your drain jetting system under warranty conditions, we will commission a reputable engineer to repair it. For more major issues, we will happily drive or fly to your business to conduct repairs ourselves. Above all, we strongly believe in the materials we use to produce industrial transport equipment of the highest available standard.

Blade Engineering are the experts in industrial transport equipment for small and large scale applications. Whatever your need, we can design and construct a system to suit.

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