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Are you seeking a drain jetting machine that lives up to its claims? Blade Engineering are the trustworthy experts ready to design and build all of your industrial machinery. Premium quality engineering is at the core of our business. This is because we understand that your reputation depends on functionality for effective practice. High pressure jetting and drain cleaning units are incredibly useful for removing stubborn or built up debris and detritus that may be disrupting water flow through a drain or water outlet. The machines work by releasing highly pressurised water through a hose which is inserted into the drain. Additionally, our jetting units can vary in size, shape and design. They are tailored to your field. This is because we make them suitable for all professional drainage contractors, whether you do domestic plumbing, civil works or anything in between! Call 08 8244 6533 for more information!

drain jetting machine

High Pressure Jetting and Drain Cleaning Units

Many industries are quickly realising the benefits of non destructive digging. Non destructive digging can remove dirt and other impurities from existing underground pipes and service lines. However, they have a much lower risk of damage to vital utilities. To assist in projects requiring non destructive digging, Blade Engineering also engineer customised vacuum trucks, skid mounted & hook lift vacuum units, high pressure jetting & drain cleaning units. We are specialised in general engineering. As a result, this is a part of our holistic service offering. With more than 40 years of experience, Blade Engineering’s Managing Director, Ian Totty, has grown Blade Engineering into one of the most reputable names in transport equipment engineering in Australia. The standard of personalised service that they continually provide is simply unrivalled. They will always do everything in their power to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied with the finished product.

The Blade Engineering Development Process

We have adopted a 5-step in-house process which helps us attain consistency within the business. Firstly, the client will present all of their requirements to our team of engineers to determine which design and features will best accommodate their needs. Secondly, we deliver a proposal with suggested equipment. The client will refine this information until a definite conclusion has been reached & before a final presentation of design and manufacturing takes place. Last comes testing, commissioning and training to ensure the client is capable of managing the equipment post-sale. To give our high-quality claim premise, if you happen to be an interstate customer and don’t have access to our workshop, our warranty policy promises to pay for any repair expenses under negotiated circumstances. If you choose Blade Engineering to manufacture your industrial machinery, we’ll follow these exact regulations and processes to ensure customer satisfaction is fully maintained.

For durable and reliable machinery to help you better manage time, trust Blade Engineering. We hope to see all Australians working under safe conditions and working to a standard which makes them proud. Get planning for your drain jetting machine today, we’ll help you work towards your goals!

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